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General Information

This website came about primarily because, almost four years ago, I decided to create scroll saw portraits of animals for my grandchildren. My eldest grandson was getting excited about horses (which he called “neighs”) and unicorns, so that was where things started. Woodworking has been a serious hobby of mine since childhood but as an adult, it revolved mostly around making various types of furniture for my family; entertainment centers, bedroom sets, living room side tables, shelving, and more.

When the opportunity came up to take scroll sawing seriously, I was quickly hooked. One animal portrait led to another and then I branched out into other more intricate projects and eventually I discovered Shaker boxes, bending wood using steam, and the art of inlaying with resin. Retirement can be enjoyable if you have something you love to do every day! As my inventory of scroll saw projects increased (and not wanting to O.D. my family on my products), I made the decision to create this website and put my creations up for sale. I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer.

Scroll Saw Art

All of the scroll saw portraits and shaker boxes illustrated here were handcrafted without the use of a CNC machine for cutting out designs. Many of the portraits are stock designs from scroll saw book plans. There are also portraits that I designed from good quality photos using Adobe Premier Elements. Examples of these can be seen on the “Commissions” page or among the portraits that were created specifically for the benefit of the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. If you are interested in having a portrait created, please use the “Contact” link in the upper left margin to get in touch with me directly. Otherwise, click on the “Shop” link for products I have for sale and for more specific information on the designs.

Shaker boxes

These boxes have been around for a very long time and were, and are, used for many household items like sugar, flour, sewing materials, jewelry, etc. The traditional look for the lids and bases were functional for the time period when they were first made, but I wanted something a little more unique that would add interest and attractiveness so I altered the design and added inlaid lids.

These inlays represent different symbols from the Norse, Celtic, Aztec, African, and Hawaiian cultures, as well as other symbols depicting the signs of the Zodiac. There is just one size for my boxes as noted in the descriptions. Note some of the examples above and then find more specific information via the “Shop” link.


For those who prefer corners for their boxes, there are several inlaid jewelry boxes, earring stands, wall organizers, and valets available on the “Shop” link shown in the column on the upper left. Being square can be cool!

Special Orders and Pricing

The Shaker boxes that are marked as sold are not available and are shown for display purposes only. However, if there is a box or portrait with a particular design that you would like to purchase, please use the “contact” page to get in touch with me and arrange a special order. Wood type and color may be different. Wait time for any of these items will be up to two weeks. Prices for all of my work are based upon the intricacy of the designs and the time it took to create them, not the size of the finished pieces. Listed prices include shipping charges. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for visiting my website.

Steve Mitchell, Littleton, Colorado